November 25, 2015

Install Electrical Wiring to Steel Framing

Earth Installation

Steel frames must be permanently earthed in accordance with local electricity supply authority requirements.

Switch & Power Point Support

Fix backing plates for switches and power points using 25mm galvanized clouts to Boxed Studs or #10-16 x 16 mm wafer head screws to Open Studs.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is installed through service holes provided in studs and wall plates. To prevent damage to insulation, electrical grommets must first be inserted in service holes to be used for cabling. earthinstallation
November 25, 2015

Fix External Cladding to Steel Framing

External claddings such as CSR Weathertex, Hardies Hardiplank or similar products can be nailed or screwed directly into the studs.

Cladding Planks

Fibre Cement and Hardboard planks can be fixed to Boxed or Open Stud systems with #8-16x35mm self-embedding head screws.

Cladding Sheets

Cladding to Steel Framing Fibre Cement and Hardboard sheets can be fixed to Boxed or Open Stud systems with #8-16x20mm self embedding head screws.

Steel Panels

Steel cladding profiles should be fixed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Bracket and clips, where required, should be fixed using #10-16x16mm hex head screws or #10-16x16mm wafer head screws where the fasteners head fouls the panel.


Any CCA treated claddings must not come into direct contact with steel frames because of corrosion problems. Isolate such cladding with an approved building membrane. Any lead flashings must be isolated from the steel frame.
November 25, 2015

Select Fasteners for Steel Frame Erection

Steel frames may be either nailed or screwed depending on the system being used. The following information lists approved fasteners for Boxed and Open Stud systems.



General roof fixing, general wall fixing (Boxed Stud), and fixing temporary bracing (Boxed and Open Studs). Note: Ensure the correct nose cone is fitted to the nail gun and the correct air pressure is used. Spacer bars or other ancillary components must be installed as per the manufacturer's specifications. Steel Frame Erection


Minimum coating for screws to comply with AS 3566 Class 3


Used for general fixing on the internal face of a wall such as bracing or lintels.


A multi-purpose screw used to fix panels and beam connections.


Fixing bridge trusses to girder trusses.


Used to fix steel frame components to structural steel members.